Out of every label that puts out music on SoundCloud, French Express might still be the reigning champ in my opinion.  The forward thinking label that deals out the freshest house music in the world has been quickly climbing the ranks of recognition.  French Express’ motto is “protectors of the feel-good” and with artists like Isaac Tichauer, Moon Boots and Jonas Rathsman they can do no wrong.

Yesterday, French Express dropped Isaac Tichauer’s EP, Take Over You.  The five track EP clocks in at over thirty-five minutes and features some of the best house music I’ve ever listened to.  The EP starts off in a big way with the title track “Take Over You”.  The careful mix of house, big bass and soulful vocals creates sounds like you’ve previously never heard before.  If there is one track on this EP you need, it is “Take Over You”.  The next track to stand out is “Hypersensitive Lover”.  The track begins like a more upbeat and less-sorrowful James Blake vocal-based track.  The soulful voice really feels fresh and exciting.  After a couple minutes, Isaac beefs up the track with soaked future synth-work that’s to die for.  Rounding out the EP is “Runaway”.  A funky and thick basslined track that you can’t help but groove to.  Overall, the full EP is meant to be listened to as one piece, but each track also holds up just fine on its own!

Look out later this week because Isaac Tichauer is releasing this full EP for free!  Until then, enjoy the sounds of the Take Over You EP here.


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