Will the hype ever settle?  With Daft Punk maybe not, but the wait for the new album is almost over.  Earlier today, Peter Tong hosted the French duo for a 15 minute interview.  The video above was uploaded from BBC Radio 1’s youtube account, just after it aired today.  The 15 minute interview features both Thomas and Guy-Man (he actually speaks too), and they cover topics like the time between albums, recreating a disco album with live drummers and the collaborators on the album.  Just 15 minutes and Daft Punk divulges many of their thoughts on touring, remixing (there could be Daft Punk remixes of Daft Punk) and more.  It’s interesting to finally hear the robots speak after keeping the silence for so long.  It’s good to know that they’re human after all.  Enjoy this little slice of joy as we wait for the album release on May 21st.  Pre-order on Itunes.  Listen to the first single from the album, “Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams” and view the track-listing.



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