The boys over at PANTyRAiD (Ooah from The Glitch Mob & MartyParty) are really cranking out tunes lately in support of their upcoming album, Pillowtalk.  PANTyRAiD’s Pillowtalk is due to be release May 28th via The Glitch Mob’s label, Glass Air.  Since their big announcement and return to new Pantyraid beats, we’ve seen three new tracks and another two more are going to be released before their album.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped.  Pantyraid puts on a show unlike many others and their music encompasses so many genres and elements of style.  The first week the duo release their Rihanna “Pour It Up” remix, then came the album single, “That’s The Spot”, and now finally is “Dance On”, a remix of Tommyboy.  Pantyraid is offering up so much before the album even drops and if you feel inclined to pre-order the album via Itunes, an automatic download of “That’s The Spot” will be all yours!  I won’t bother you with how the track begins and finishes because the duo describe their thought process and style below.  Enjoy!

We love trance music – we love hip hop beats – we love sexy music. We knew they would work together, so we got in the lab and remixed Tommyboy’s “Dance On” – A club banger that will illustrate how cleanly steady beat trance music builds can drop into big 808 trap drops while still retaining a psychedlic feeling full of swag, sex, and surprise. Dance On is a tribute to the party people, the late night people, the fist pumpers and the booty shakers, as well as to all the lovers of trippy electronic dance music. This one is for you. Just let it build you up and then DROP you into a roller coaster ride of big bass orgasms and drippy surprises. DANCE ON!

Say No to Slavery ~ Worship the Sun
– MartyParty + Ooah


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