As we’re gearing up for Summer time here at The Dankles, we’re getting ready to unleash plenty of merchandise, exclusivesFestival Ticket Giveaways, Interviews, remix competitions and way more!  Today, we have decided to give our fans smartphone wallpapers so you can rep The Dankles everywhere you go!  We’ve got wallpapers featuring Chicago, LA, New York, Denver, Boulder, Miami and more.  We’ve also included extra wallpapers featuring exotic landscapes and deep space.  Have a look at the wallpapers below, you can grab them here on the site or download the ZIP file directly and own them all!

If you’re curious how to get the wallpapers onto your phone, the simplest way is just to email yourself the wallpapers you desire and open the email on your phone and save the images.  If you have questions, suggestions or maybe you don’t see your city here feel free to shoot us a comment below or a quick email!  Enjoy and rep The Dankles where ever you go!


P.S.  Stickers are coming very soon!

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