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Unlike Pluto

540638_367185046667679_1729043074_nAtlanta producer, Unlike Pluto has been grabbing my attention a lot very recently.  His flexibility and ability to succeed to make my eardrums smile with many different styles / sounds / genres has kept me interested and checking back in often to see what he’s been working on.  As most (should) already know, this whole “trap” phenomenon is far from new, and actually originated quite some time ago in the south, especially booming in the great peach city of Atlanta.  Rightfully so, environment always effects any artist, and Unlike Pluto is no exception.  A good portion of his productions, both original material and remixes, would fit into the “trap” or southern slowed hip-hop, trill (or whatever you’d like to call it) category.  What’s interesting is when an artist can excel in the polar opposite of this at the same time, case in point, “Run Maggie Run” (below).  The melodic and majestic track’s composition includes electric piano riffs, soft vocals manipulated through pitch (caution: capable of getting stuck in your head), simple synthesizer snares that roll into a not overpowering looping bass line.  Such versatility to switch back and forth between face melting crowd pleasers and inspiring and thoughtfully composed tracks is hard to find in this day and age, and for that, we applaud you, Unlike Pluto.

Listen / Download : Run Maggie Run (Original Mix) – Unlike Pluto

Listen : Put On The Groove – Unlike Pluto & Kameronessi

Unlike Pluto on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


164975_555497664490072_1624516906_nLeGinge is another prime example of talent that outweighs surroundings.  As he hails from “The Oldest City”, which is debatably St. Augustine, FL, LeGinge is inspired by his environment, but has successfully broken the mold of that box to not limit what defines him.  Feelings are transmitted heavily through his productions in unique fashion.  LeGinge’s ability to manipulate samples from both vocals and nature is something to not be overlooked.  Able to pair an unrelated sound to a track’s feel and chop, pitch, break (, etc.) it to match a mood is LeGinge’s strong suit.  Despite the fact that at first consideration, you might be turned off by the large quantity of trap productions, if you peel back a layer of the onion, there is far more substance than what hits the eardrum / heart to be discovered in this very SOULFUL redhead’s portfolio.

Listen / Download : Lucy’s Lullaby ft. Emelie Sabel – LeGinge

Listen / Download : Chill Mode – LeGinge

LeGinge on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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