3AM, a trio from Toronto, has been increasingly been getting notice on our radar and others alike.  The trio has put out numerous productions, some remixes and some originals, and all of them have been top-notch.  It’s rare to find young and new producers with original tracks that sound like they’ve been producing for years.  3AM gave us an excellent Kavinsky “NightCall” remix (read more and download), and even more impressive was their “Struttin'” original (read more and download).  3AM tends to produce more electro than anything else, but when they do explore other genres it’s just as good.  On their Lana Del Rey remix, 3AM takes a smooth approach.  Sampling an echoing Lana Del Rey in the beginning and soon transitioning to a heavier side.  Even further down the track, 3AM gives us increasingly heavier drops while still keeping it stylish and fresh.


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