Among a few of us here at The Dankles, the French producer, Andrea is one of our favorites.  His effortless remixes and originals always seem to strike a chord with us.  It’s emotionally driven music that comes from the same vein that Giraffage, XXYYXX and other alike carve their music from.  It’s hard to describe, essentially it’s electronic down-tempo music, but at times tracks emphasizes bass or synth-work.  It’s music that encompasses a ton of genres but remains, in the simplest aspect, electronic music.  Andrea has had so many notable track from the past months.  More recently he remixed AlunaGeorge for a remarkable remix.  His Aaliyah remix is pretty unreal too (read more and download).

Andrea’s newest effort, the Cruising EP is a five track (three originals, two remixes) release via Moose Records.  The EP features some of Andrea’s best work to date and two phenomenal remixes from Slow Magic and Sun Glitters.  The EP opens with a beautiful track called “Your Morning”, and as the title suggests, it is perfect for rolling out of bed still half asleep.  The vocal samples and distant steel-drum work sounds other-worldly.  Next is “Places” featuring Rejjie Snow.  Now I’m not going to lie, the track sounds suspiciously like XXYYXX’s “About You”, but Andrea adds the verses of Rejjie Snow to give the track a hip-hop feel in the opening half.  The last original on the EP is “Early Bird” featuring Julia Losfelt.  A slow-moving start leads up to soft bass kicks, big airy waves of synths and hushed vocal samples until we get a line or two from Julia.  Julia almost talks over the track then Andrea takes her voice and pitches it in different directions to produce varied emotions and an almost R&B sound.

After that, both Sun Glitters and Slow Magic’s remixes are phenomenal. Both take the “Your Morning” track and give it a completely different spin.  Download the new EP for a Euro or more via Moose records Bandcamp and support Andrea by visiting his social media outlets and listening to his tracks, you won’t regret it.


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