Whether you’re recovering from a drawn out weekend or you’re already getting next week situated it goes without saying; you should be already be looking forward to next weekend! A week from now many people will still be finding it hard to leave the dance floor up in Belden Town at this years Emissions West Coast Bass Culture, a festival packed with so many stellar producers on the bill its almost an overload. We have already brought you a handful of artists spotlights over the past few weeks but don’t think we’re spent yet; we still have a few more up our sleeves for this last week (if you weren’t already chomping at the bit). If you’re a regular with us over here at The Dankles you have probably caught wind of some of the hot fiyah Taso has tossed our way over the past few months BUT if we are mistaken we will have a few of those little gems tucked in below.

TD: You’re no stranger over here at The Dankles but would you mind enlightening those unknowing viewers by introducing yourself?
TASO: Whatup, my name is TASO I make all kinds of music.  I am part of a crew called GHETTO TEKNITIANZ aka TEKLIFE and I am the only member living on the West Coast (SF).


TD: With summer just on the horizon do you have any big plans for the upcoming few months?
T: Yes,  too many to list…  here’s a few… doing an album w/ DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, doin’ a remix for the RZA and Masia One, just got  a new studio in downtown SF where I am bout to launch my own label, Bout to head to Europe and over to Asia to play some shows and explore… you know the usual…

TD: You just had your latest release ‘Keepin’ it 100’ debut over on ClubTapes last month with a music video to go along with it, how was it getting that together?
Fun as hell… my new favorite drug is def makin music videos. Shout outs to DJ Assault aka Craig Diamonds, Cerebral Voretex, DJUNYA, RESEK, my girl Wolfbitch, Merlin the videographer and of course Pesh, Tilla a and everyone else over at Clubtapes.com, Livemixtapes.com and TrillHD

TD: Any other big releases up your sleeves for the rest of 2013?
T: Gotta keep some things a secret…

TD: You have come a long way from making the raucous bass music I first heard when coming across your tunes awhile back, how has your sound evolved into the trill bass tracks we have been seeing lately?
T: Well it’s kinda 360… over 10 years ago I started out makin hiphop beats with crazy hi hats and 808 kicks then it progressed into the MPC, then of course came jungle, dubstep ect. Now my sound and style is back to the core/essence of what I was raised on + an amalgamation of everything I love combined into one… Life is good.

TD: You have had the chance to collaborate with a good handful of talented artists as it is, is there anyone in particular you would still like the chance to sit down and work on a track with?
T: I wanna finish those tracks I was working on with Tigran aka Mimosa lol.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to share with us, any last words for the readers out there?
T: Love yall, stay classy…  and go to the EMISSIONS FESTIVAL, I went to Belden Town last year to play FRACTALIZE and it was the best Festi experience I’ve had… peace!!!


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