I find it really innovative and forward thinking for small labels to put out compilations that they truly back despite not having huge numbers.  It keeps an underground electronic, down-tempo and experimental scene alive and well.  Only the select will have heard of these artists but that’s ok because discovering new music everyday is one of the better parts of life.  A new soundtrack awaits you everyday.

Released on May 8th was Badroom Studio’s Estúdio Mau compilation.  Badroom Studio, a Portuguese label and artist collective that is dedicated to collaboration and expression of Portuguese electronic and independent urban music.  Judging by this compilation, their goals have been met.  This thirteen track compilation features a bit of everything from trap to experimental glitch to down-tempo to chillwave.  If you’re a fan of electronic instrumental tracks, this may be your jam.  On the compilation are artists like J-VEEZA, Lasers, Foklin, Pakarrola and many more.  Don’t hesitate, download this free release from Badroom Studios!


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