With today being a dedication to all the mothers out there who continue to give us love and support, why not treat them to a lovely EP of music from one of our favorite producers out there? One of dirtybird Records founding members, Worthy has supplied many of us with the motivation to break a sweat on the dance floor over the years due to his delightful combinations of techno, house and bass beats. He recently released a two track EP through the infamous OWSLA: The Nest program that will put some bump in your step this Sunday. Here is what Worthy had to about each of the tracks:

I am really excited to have OWSLA give me the opportunity to share some of my beats with you all. In the process of writing my new album I created these two high energy songs. Let me tell you first hand that I have been playing these out for months now and both tracks are absolute killers in my sets. The Joint is a track that melds banging tom drums and 808s asking you to … “Do a Joint” while dropping you into some smokey hip hop influenced breaks and shooting you back out to the other side with red eyes. On track two, Crying Crickets, works around the sound of crickets that rise and make you go mental while dropping you into some nice grimey bass with house and techno influenced beats. I love this one and the way the vox develops in the break. It gets the crowd every time when it drops for the second time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Grab both of these tracks today from The Nest and if you want to know more about Worthy, check out our recently published interview with him here! Enjoy mes Amis

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