If electronic music is the sound of future, then Dog Blood’s music is the sound of what comes next.  It rides a middle ground between so many genres and twists conventions to meet their needs instead of the other way around.  We’re of course talking about American dubstep producer, Skrillex and German techno innovator, Boys Noize; together they created the side-project, Dog Blood.  Only one release has been offered from the high-profile duo.  Their Next Order/Middle Finger EP contains just two tracks, but each has made waves in the last six months.  Their music is straight head-spinning, sounds that are never thought conceivable are blended together to create something entirely new and fresh.  I wish I was at Coachella just to hear this set.  Though the track list isn’t available, if you look hard enough you can probably find a good amount of these tunes.  One thing is for certain, I’m excited to hear what Dog Blood comes up with next.


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