Cheateau Marmont is a French synth-pop trio that produces some extremely catchy music.  They hit the top three releases on Itunes Electronic for their album The Maze, which was released via Chambre 404 on May 27th.  Thought the US Itunes store doesn’t carry the album yet, the single “Wind Blows” is no available.  Today we get an infectious remix of “Wind Blows” from Yuksek.  Yuksek is also a French electronic producer that usually gives his fans indie-dance originals and remixes.  Yuksek’s “Wind Blows” remix is no exception.  The remix might appear on the Wind Blows Remix EP that’s due to release mid-June, but Chateau Marmont gives us a tease of what’s ahead.  The remix stays true to it’s dance roots.  Starting off the track we get a piano driven melody with tinges of electronic bleeps and bloops.  Then as the track progresses the vocals haunt the track.  A repeated line, ‘Whenever the wind blows…’ stays in your head and you can’t help but sing it.  Then as the track reaches its high point we’re given more intricate and great synth-work.  Listen to this new track and look out for Cheteau Marmont’s The Maze and Wind Blows EP soon!


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