Sanctuary - Aeon Tribe

Sanctuary – Aeon Tribe

Today we bring you an exclusive single from the electronic triumvirate Aeon Tribe, and I can tell you right now that you have probably never heard any other song quite like this one. For those of you whom are unaware, Aeon Tribe is a group of three musicians based out of Arizona that are redefining the common boundaries of bass music. Through an epic combination of multi-faceted instrumentalism and appreciation of the mysterious yet still undefined sounds of neuro-hop, this trio has created an unbeaten path with their unique sounds and continue to break forward with each new release. Their latest single ‘Sanctuary’ harbors sounds reminiscent to a euphoric or dream-like state, filled with epic battles between robotic bass kicks and intricately-laid percussion. With organic yet stuttered soundscapes and vocals samples (sung by one of the members) sewn throughout, the uber-defined sounds and feelings expressed just add even more to its psychedelic and unorthodox flow. Fortunately, Aeon Tribe was kind enough to let us host this awesome song as a free download, so if you dig what you hear, show some love to these talented musicians and go find yourself a sanctuary to lose yourself in with this new tune!

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