To keep the fire beneath today stoked and lively we decided it was time we finally get you guys our latest exclusive we have had in the works with our friends over at MalLabel Music. Just at the end of this past month Denver’s own bass maniac Zeno dropped the curtains on his newest project ‘Concentric’! Now I have to admit I wasn’t too familiar with Zeno’s production skills at first but after laying my ears on this new LP the past few days I am happy we got on board to bring you guys an exclusive free download for your libraries. Wrapped up in this 50th release from MalLabel Zeno truly shows us how he can stretch and warp his style to really expand into all realms of bass music. Give ‘All Night’ a little listen to see how he does his dubstep a bit and hope on over to Beatport to give ‘Concentric’ a listen in its entirety!

Zeno on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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