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For those of you who share our passion for reporting various genre’s of music via the internet or looking to enter the field, there are three essential tasks done throughout each day that take up most of a bloggers time. First, there is searching for material that could possibly be posted. Second, keeping up with any breaking news that might come to fruition. And lastly, managing the endless amounts of emails received that can contain a mixture of parts one and two. For all you artists, producers, managers, promoters, and publicist out there who send us correspondance, we promise your emails are not sent in vain.

We do our very best to read each one and reply……… if that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be able to spread the word of High Klassified’s latest release or be informed about the up and coming Montreal producer a few short days ago. His style is that of an young Lunice; (1/2 of TNGHT) which after listening to his material, I was looking forward to hearing Lunice play some of his tracks live at Dillo Day. But due to rain and some horrendous scheduling, my ears will only be able to enjoy this trap and bass heavy beat through computer speakers for now. Be on the lookout for more fresh music from High Klassified throughout the remainder of the year. Definitely one of my Artists To Watch in 2013! Enjoy mes Amis

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  1. Great job to the bloggers of dankles this Alaiz guy deserve more visibility !

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