Ever since I first heard the demo of “Seconds” by Ghost Loft last summer, I have been anxiously awaiting for an official release from the relatively unknown chillwave producer out of Los Angeles. We have yet to see an EP or album from Ghost Loft, but after an amazing single on the Kitsuné America 2 compilation and some killer remixes, the anticipation surrounding him only continues to increase. His latest remix is featured on Two Door Cinema Club‘s new remix EP for their single “Handshake” off last year’s Beacon, also released by Kitsuné.

While the original track was too over-produced for my tastes (especially compared to their great first album), this remix improves on it in every way. The poppy synths and simple drum beat of the original are replaced by hard-hitting bass and off-beat snares that lead into a slow, melodic trap instrumental.

Listen: Handshake (Ghost Loft Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club


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