In my personal opinion, witch house is a genre or style that will be long overlooked in the shadow of trap music.  Witch house was there first.  Look at the producer Salem and others like him.  He was making eerie beats with 808s long before Flosstradamus and everyone else with a computer started to make trap music.  And I also think Salem’s beats are still far more creative that trap music producers these days.  Witch house is just the perfect combination of lush and hazy chillwave sounds over trap beats.  It’s an undeniable combo.  This new tune from 1963 does just this.  He starts the tune sampling Imogen Heap’s “Hide & Seek”, but he warps it to his needs.  This tune is out there and just what you need for a late night.  Also if you dig this check out 1963’s free EP that dropped last week. Listen to 1963’s “It’s Uu” and grab the free download if you enjoy the tune!


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