BadKlaat is back once again and bringing you that heavy badman tune.  This time BadKlaat gives us a remix for SP’s newest EP.  SP is a UK rapper that will leave you thinking of Dizzee Rascal.  BadKlaat is a bass producer from the UK and he’s most known for his onslaught of ridiculous dubstep tunes with Requake.  Requake and BadKlaat’s tunes are some of the best in the game and they have a much more original dubstep feel compared to American dubstep.  It’s definitely worth checking out their Bad Guys EP (read more and listen).  You might remember BadKlaat releases a free tune late last month.  A heavy-bass tune called, “Not A Single Fuck Was Given” (read more and download here).  Today’s track “Overload” is a straight up bass track.  Nothing is held back and bass kicks have never sounded hard under SP’s vocals.  Download this track while it’s available and thank BadKlaat by giving all his tunes a listen.

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