Andre Allen Anjos, better known to most as RAC is an unstoppable force of indie-dance/disco remixes and originals.  The young producer has seen nothing but success since he first started and it’s obvious to see why.  He keeps it simple, uses the hooks and forever-catchy tracks that most don’t know about.  RAC really has a love for the dance-floor ready, yet emotional and captivating tracks, and I think his remixes still carry an essence of the original.  Check out our interview we conducted with RAC this past March (read RAC interview).  This time, Andre Anjos gives his best on a remix for Gentlemen Hall’s  “Sail Into The Sun”.  Opening the track is a soft house beat underneath reverb guitar licks and a hazy melody.  The vocals enter the track and they are undoubtably going to be stuck in your head all day.  Then the chorus comes and you’re now even more in love with this track while bobbing your head along to the beat.  Download this new one from RAC, you won’t regret it one bit!

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