Apparently Afrojack has a soft side. In the past few days he’s been releasing new tracks on his Soundcloud. Many of the tracks are his usual loud, fist-pumping beats you’d expect to hear vibrating through any frat house. Don’t get me wrong, these beats are dope when I’m finna get my drank on. However I was delighted to find his release to a very different track titled “Far Far Away”.

This ambient rollercoaster is surprisingly chill and soothing. The beginning is slow and creeps up as the beats progress. It’s the kind of song I’d let spill through my speakers while driving. It sucks you in and makes you feel like you’re traveling to a new state. It’s almost metaphorical. The song takes you to a place where Afrojack has never gone before. I love when artist break out of their comfort zone to try something new. It makes them more human by exposing the different sides to them and what they’re capable to feel and create. Mad respect towards Afrojack on this one.

Before you hit play, check out some words from the man himself about the new musical territory he’s about to land on:

“Outside of the whole party thing and waaaa drops edm n what not, I also like making music for the heck of it, not to impress anybody, not to be fancy, not to anything.

Even though its not what most of you are used to, its still my biggest passion to share these kind of things with you, so welcome to the kingdom of Far Far Away, this is gonna be my weird stuff.

Starting off I just made this thingy, just something nice to go to sleep to”. -Afrojack

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