What do you get when two kids from Oklahoma remix this disco anthem?  Well, you get one hell of a party-starter!  Kids At The Bar is a duo from Oklahoma that have been making some of the best electro/electro-house remixes and originals that I’ve heard in recent years.  Oliver’s “MYB” is already a perfect track.  One that reminds us of good-times with friends at every show we step foot in.  Kids At The Bar give “MYB” a kick-start that is a bit heavier and more ready for for the dance-floor antics that KATB provide.  This is a classic example of a great electro tune.  The intro, the builds, the progression, the pitch-change; Kids At The Bar does it all.  The drop gives you a head-spinning, bouncy melody that you won’t be able to deny!  Download the newest from Kids At The Bar!


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