324072600_640I have never seen an artist gain overnight fame quite like Chance The Rapper has.  On April 29, 2013 not a whole lot of people knew much about Chancelor Bennet, however,  on April 30,2013 he captured the entire internet’s attention.  The release of his debut mixtape Acid Rap is beloved by many, and think he is Chicago’s next big thing.  The overnight success of this young Chicago emcee is unparalleled by his predecessors and he has a long, bright, and prosperous future ahead of himself.  Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky have also gained extremely quick recognition after their debut releases as well, but I think Chance  The Rapper has had more of an overnight impact and really shook up the industry with his rapping/singing style.

With that being said. Alex Wiley grabbed Chance The Rapper, Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, Hood Internet, and more for his debut mixtape, Club Wiley.  “Spaceship Part II” features both Chance The Rapper and GLC, serving as the single off Alex Wiley’s forthcoming project.



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