During my experiences with electronic dance music and its expansive reach of genres, I have time and time again found myself completely absorbed with downtempo beat production, and the more ambiant side of things. That’s not to say the more energetic and attention commanding genres (ie. dubstep, electro, or trap) aren’t fun to listen to in their own respects. I still get down to everything, and have such an appreciation for new sounds being pumped out of the electronic scene as a whole, that I feel blessed to play my small role as a contributor for The Dankles. With Flying Lotus as my introduction into electronic music,  it only fits that the experimental and psychedelic themes have continued to trend through my favorite tunes. It just so happens that the beauty of ambiance will always be my fall back, no matter what.

Finally to the main topic of my post, Australian beat producer The Blank. I had unfortunately never heard of this amazing artist until his newest release, the Night Lights EP put out on Bad Panda Records, strolled in on my SoundCloud feed this morning. This beautiful two track record uses melodic guitar samples, meaningful vocals, and the simplicity of ambiance to hook the listener, and put them in a great place.

After instantly being hooked by the one two punch of “Questions of Night” and “”Unspoken,” I went to go unearth as much as I could from The Blank. It didn’t take me long to find his SoundCloud and Bandcamp’s respectively, and soon after, his Plastic Dreams EP. This wonderful collection of tunes is what really hooked me on his production. Boasting nine original tracks, this EP takes the listener on a relaxing trip through the depths of experimental electronic music and back. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud through a beautiful forest, with all those you love surrounding you. I’m not kidding when I say this album brought me to an audio paradise.

For all of you that have supported The Blank for awhile now, I apologize on my tardiness to the party. Know that I’ll be on top of all future projects from this kid in the future.  Keep you eyes out for more from this talented young producer, and have a lovely day.

Here are a few more tracks to drool over.

The Blank on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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