The First EP - Martyr

The First EP – Martyr

Not much is known about the mysterious up and comer known as Martyr, but one thing that is for sure is that he has a fantastic collection of sounds and future bass vibes in his arsenal. Having only stumbled upon Martyr‘s debut EP a week ago, I have been enamored by his ability to combine tranquility with head-rocking rhythms in an area of bass music that seems to have no boundaries. Recently featured on (yes, there is a site dedicated to this genre), ‘The First’ EP is a 4 track journey through valleys of bass-drops and soft chord melodies, whether they are driven by dance-floor drum patterns like in ‘Connected’ and ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ or intricately coated over down tempo, soothing grooves like in ‘Heads Up’ and ‘Wayfarer.’ This free EP is a necessity for your Sunday, whether you choose to dance the day away or simply settle down and recover from the weekend’s activities, so take a listen and if you like what you hear, show the dude some love through a like or download!

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