It’s everyday over here at The Dankles that an artist pops up on our radar that would have been but a passing bleep on the map unless our wonderful friends didn’t alter our course a bit here and there. As if you couldn’t guess from that little intro Willow Beats is one of the most recent artists to have really sparked my attention after a fleeting initial listen to his most recent ‘Alchemy EP’. Having just truly laid an ear to this five track release of lush downtempo ambiance that is fueled by Narayana Johnson’s soft vocals I couldn’t be more hooked. From glitchy and wonky 2 step laden beats like ‘Alchemy’ that are reminiscent of old Mount Kimbie to the slightly chopped and layered vocals present in ‘Blue’ this release has a little bit of everything I have come to love in a downtempo artist. The moisture in combination with the soft female vocals crocked up for ‘Incantation’ just about made me melt so it’s pretty important that no one sleeps on this EP. This singer songwriter from Melbourne, Australia certainly has began to cover a lot of ground as his sound spreads around the globe but we can only wait and see what he will let our ears in on later this summer!


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