Now just a few days ago Mr. Sonny Moore and NYC’s Mishka announced they would be dropping the curtains on a very limited edition run of some Skrillex x МИШКА merch. The collection comprises a limited run of a fitted lid, t-shirt and backpack. The little blood suckling birds over at Mishka also hinted that Skrillex may very well have created a super special track for the release and very few of us realized that this indeed was the track that lured us into the glitched out mayhem that is this portal opened  by Mishka that you must wonder through to find this new collection online. Whilst weaving your way through the 8bit confusion of Skrillex faces, fire, and seemingly virus ridden computer talk scrolling across the screen this new sound from Skrillex was definitely a solid guide. Just as the initial sample says in the intro of this track “I know a lot of you wouldn’t expect this”; very well put Skrillex. As we see Sonny veer a little bit away from the ear bashing screamo bass driven music he presented us with initially it can only give me a little hope we will get some more variation from Skrillex in the future!

Link to Clothing Collection

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