Incase the more downtempo tunes aren’t what you need to get your day going than we have a little present for you bass craving extraterrestrials out there. The Bay area’s Rebirth has taken influences from world music all around the globe for this new release of his ‘The Silent Hearts’. Thankfully the homies over at Street Ritual hooked you guys up with a little taste via their SoundCloud stream in advance. Stepping back from the glitch-hop realm of things Rebirth comes at us with a truly unique grip of astral bass sounds while riddling them with musical stylings from around the globe. From starry synths to belching basslines this release is sure to catch the attention of some other earthly beings out there. Strap on in to those rocket boosters because this is for sure going to take you off into another dimension before you know it if you don’t pay attention!

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