302782_420999737955634_644582445_nThis track has been quite a long time in the making, and it has been my “go to” track for over a year now.  ETC!ETC!’s moombahton track “King” was once originally entitled “Bad Kitty” and featured the vocals of powerhouse Feral is Kinky with two full verses and a chorus, of course.  This track was first introduced to us publicly by Sazon Booya live at EDC New York in June of 2012, and the high-energy track has been a “go to” in the sense when I was sick of everything else being played or new stuff being released, “Bad Kitty” could always put me in a good mood and keep the faith that I’ve had for a long time in moombahton.  “King” is a very slightly different version, the one main difference being the vocal layer having been cut to about a tiny fraction of what Feral sang on the original track.  Although the vocals would have me yelling loudly with a smile on my face getting weird looks at red lights all too frequently, the lack of this layer doesn’t take away from the actual audio of the track, in my opinion.  With the classic drum roll build up that loops and swings into bleeps with a well-composed snare that will bring turn the strongest moombah knees weak.  Needless to say if you’re a fan of ETC!ETC! and his work in trap, you should get to know his roots, and “King” is a perfect example a producer who began with an immense amount of raw talent and is now perfecting the craft.

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