603979_493739707329199_202076613_nSince taking classic instruments and sounds from other periods of time and reinventing them to make them work in today’s standards is the strongest method of attracting me to a song, it comes as no surprise that Orlando producer, Nexus has my eardrums stuck on “Vintage” like gum to a Manhattan sidewalk.  With an undeniable knack for arrangement, Nexus reaches outside of the box with this swingy electronica track.  A piano melody reminiscent of a flapper 1920’s soundtrack sets the stage which eventually weaves in an electric guitar line to add to the sexiness of the composition.  An originally composed snare is the accompanying component that, along with the audio manipulation or “glitch” (if you will), takes the classic instruments to our modern day electronic microcosm’s level.  A skill that very few actually possess as producers is the successful recipe for distortion that works cohesively and doesn’t overpower other facets of a track, and adds to, not mutes out, a larger harmony or vocal layer.  With “Vintage”, Nexus proves that he is one of the unique and lucky individuals to be endowed with the talent of audio reconstruction in an effective manner.  As this is the title track of the forthcoming “Vintage” EP, slated to be out sometime in August, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from the innovator finding his signature style, and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll come up with next.

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