Besides for the vocal sample Harley Streten AKA Flume really made this remix of Disclosure‘s new track “You & Me” off of their new album, Settle, his own. It sounds nothing like the original except for the first 60 seconds of track; then it all of a sudden transforms into another one of Flume’s brilliant masterpieces. Harley does not use all of the chorus from the original track. This time around he eliminates Disclosure’s signature groovy-chime sounding beats. Instead he incorporates some light bass and definite breaks that give this version an orchestrated crunk-wave vibe that you can only truly understand if you listen. That being said all of those aspects make Flume’s remix of Disclosure’s new track “You & Me” not just another repetitive generic remix, but one that might leave some fans questioning it’s superiority over the initial record. However, I’ll leave that decision up to you because it completely depends on your taste in music.

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