Guti‘s illustrious career started a little differently than most of today’s new-age DJ’s. Being trained as a classical jazz musician at an early age, Guti‘s piano skills are extraordinarily impressive (and you can hear him incorporate that skill throughout most of his deep house production). As he grew older in Argentina, Guti‘s musical tastes started to shift into rock ‘n roll, and he became a national rock star playing in sold-out stadiums. More recently, he has moved his musical focus towards deep house production, releasing some of the the most heavily-charted tracks of 2012 in “Step” and “Option One”; both absolutely vicious bombs in their own right. What really catches me about Guti tracks, is the musicality that he displays from his broad tastes and influences. There always seems to be a soulful element to his songs that other producers just can’t seem to grasp.

Guti‘s most recent EP, entitled Hope, was released a couple of weeks ago on Desolat‘s newest sub-label, DTFD. Starting off with the title track, Guti shows his soulful side with a summer anthem thats perfect for those sunny days. With driving bass and phenomenal vocals, this song is a great way to start off a day (or a set!). The second track sees Guti team up with fellow Argentinian (and his collaborator for the massive Crosstown Rebel‘s release, the Step EP), Fosky. The duo came together to produce a club-ready track that is sure to get the dance floors moving. You can hear a grandpiano bouncing off of the deep bass thoughout, which really highlights Guti‘s classical background. The real gem of this album though, lies in the last track, “Funkapella.” This bad-boy starts off with several layers of chanting and beautiful vocals, before unleashing into an absolutely vicious deep house jam. The rolling bassline and melodic synth stabs combine with the vocals to make a track that sounds better and better with every listen. Truly, the complexities of this album are impossible to pick up on with just the short sample below, so be sure to pick up your copy of the Hope EP from the link (also below)!

If you’re hoping to see Guti soon (and who wouldn’t?), you’re in luck! He will be performing at this years’ Wavefront Music Festival, which has undoubtably the best lineup for U.S. festivals this year, in my opinion. With another wave of artists set to be released, the talent pool is beyond anything I could even expect from a festival here. So, be sure to purchase your ticket ASAP!

Hope EP – Guti

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