If you guys have yet to catch wind of this new heater from bass heavy weights Archnemesis you’re in for a serious treat. Whether you’re from the South or not this new mashup style remix is sure to keep that head nodding and those feet shuffling all summer long. Sprinkled with samples from some of the South’s biggest hip-hop hitters it’s pretty damn hard to not be hooked from the first sample in this track. Smear on some spacey synths, smooth drums, a dash of gargling bass, and you’re set for a good and proper trip as Archnemesis sparks this new anthem for the South. Per usual we get this lil’ doozy for free from Archnemesis so don’t forget to be thankful for that as you file ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ into your playlists. Oh and on top of all that if the South does happen to be your stomping grounds be sure to catch these guys tearing up a venue near you this summer (dates below)!!


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