It has been a good while since we have given you a batch of exclusive material from one sole artist. This time we decided to take things in a bit of a different direction than many of the exclusives that come our way. Today we have a fresh mix craftily sewn together by Pleasure himself to get things started; this hour long transcendence through space and time leads us out, around the cosmos, and back again. The title Pleasure wound up settling with for this mix, ‘Outer Space Orgy’, is a pretty spot on tag for what he has gathered together in this seamless stream. Featuring sexy trill space bass tracks from all ends of the spectrum you’re sure to stumble across some new gems as you pick your way through this mix. As if a mix wasn’t enough Pleasure just can’t help himself from pleasing so he thought we should hook everyone up with an exclusive track on top of this new mix of exclusive material. Being that I also have a hard time saying no and we know how much you guys love getting goodies from us; we now have ‘4URLUV’ to debut as well today! If Pleasure’s hour long space odyssey wasn’t plucking those heart strings quite right than maybe ‘4URLUV’ will be a little more up your alley. This trilled out space lullaby is litered with spacey synths, rolling snares, and an eery vocal sample that will take you off into lord knows where. All this spacey goodness is now live on our SoundCloud so be sure to get the full expanse of what Pleasure has gifted us today as you dive in!

Exclusive Mix

Exclusive Track

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