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Jakob Liedhol

969991_528607283866321_17963984_nAt the ripe age of sixteen years old, Swedish producer, Jakob Liedholm is quickly proving that he has the talent that it takes to make music that can be enjoyed by the masses.  Mostly working in progressive house, Liedholm’s works seem like a cross between Arty and Zedd.  Having the capability of composing arrangements that incorporate influences from all over the board; like rock, RnB, and acid, his youthfully fun flare will become big enough to rock the world’s largest stages and crowds in no time flat.  Starting his official releases with remixes of Fun and Goyte, there seems to be not many places that a rising prodigy like Jakob Liedholm can’t reach.

Listen: Eli (Original Mix) – Jakob Liedholm

Listen: Ocean – Jakob Liedholm

Jakob Liedholm on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Yosi Horikawa


It’s all good and well when producers of music can make club tracks perfect for events and festivals, to make people dance, and have fun for a while.  Just like anything in life; relationships, jobs, there has to be more depth for fulfillment and longevity, and the same goes for musical production.  That is the exact reason why soundscapes and more complex productions tend to hypnotize me more often than the heavily bassed, dance tracks.  Sometimes the hunt for these sort of tracks lead me down roads I’ve never been down, and that’s how I stumbled upon Japanese producer, Yosi Harikawa.  His drumwork is what attracted my ears to his works, he is very talented in taking everyday sounds and making addicting drumlines and snares that are impossible to not clap, tap your foot, or want to dance to.  Whether it be ping pong balls turned into light bubbles or just banging on different types of surfaces to gain deeper and softer percussion sounds, Yoki Harikawa has an insane knack for turning these normally annoyingly repetitive sounds into beautifully composed soundscapes capable of inspiring.

Listen: Maki – Yosi Horikawa

Listen: Bubbles – Yosi Horikawa

Yosi Horikawa on Facebook | SoundCloud

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