Mateus Almeida, producing under the moniker Sevnth Wonder, turned 20 today and provided “First Kiss” for us with a free download.  Residing in Boston, but raised in Houston, Sevnth Wonder has developed a unique style after producing for five years.  Mateus has been making music under the name Sevnth Wonder since the start of 2013; his sound is characterized  by down-tempo style trap bringing us back to our roots with soulful R&B and old school hip-hop samples.  All of Sevnth Wonder’s tracks, both originals and remixes, have a sexy feel to them emphasized by his usual artwork of beautiful women.  “First Kiss” is an infectious use of a smoothed out trap beat to compliment melodious keys and pitched-down vocals.  Right around the minute and half mark this song takes a upbeat turn from a keyboard based track to one infused with “bubbly” bells.  Check out more works by Sevnth Wonder and wish him a happy birthday on his facebook page!


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