The UK must be doing something right due to all the quality producers spawning in this location.  Star Slinger is an exceptional talent among a plethora of mediocrity in today’s music scene.  If you follow our blog, or just dance music in general, you’ve most likely heard of Star Slinger; he has a large collection of innovative originals and remixes.  This young Englishman is a few months into his new label, JET JAM, which has been releasing some very noteworthy tunes.

Start Slinger’s most recent work is a remix of the exceptional tune “Adorn” by Miguel.  I have taken a liking to R&B over the past year that has really changed my entire taste in music; I now enjoy the more soulful, sexy types of music I didn’t have an appreciation for before.  I must say that “Adorn” is one of may favorite songs to come out in 2012 and this remix does the song justice.  The “wop” noise (for lack of a better word) is so dope I helped my homie set it as his text tone and is used perfectly by Star Slinger.  This remix puts a new spin on the song while keeping the integrity of Miguel’s work.


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Miguel on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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