The time has finally come that we drop the curtains on who the lucky winner of our ‘Stardust Redux’ remix contest is!! As many of you may know we just recently teamed up with Emissions West Coast Bass Culture and Camp ? to give one lucky producer a chance to have their remix featured on Minnesota‘s forthcoming Remix EP. On top of that they will also be granted the opportunity to have their track featured on the Emissions 2014 promo video along with securing themselves a set at next years festival. If this doesn’t sound like the opportunity of a life time for all you producers out there than I don’t know what other kind of bone you’d like to be tossed! After scores of submissions Minnesota himself decided the winner of the contest would be Perkulat0r from Vancouver, BC! Instead of attempting to explain why ourselves we will give you a few words from Christian himself:

“Perkulat0r’s remix stood out as the winner immediately after i heard it. Perkulat0r does a flawless job combining the elements of the original song with his own style. The production is clean and the groove makes it impossible not to nod your head the beat. I can’t wait to drop this remix in my live sets!”

                                                                                                                                                                                            – Minnesota

First off we would like to thank everyone that participated in the contest and let you in on another little secret at the same time!! Since there were so many great remixes submitted for the contest we couldn’t help but pick two runners up that will ALSO be featured on Minnesota’s upcoming Remix EP. Those two lucky runners up are Filibusta from Illinois and Nanda who comes at us from California!! Though only Perkulat0r will get a set at next years Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Fillabusta and Nanda are both very lucky to have made it into the top tier of producers that submitted tracks for the contest. To keep the Emissions vibe alive we would also like to bring this hot new mix from Bay Area producer VNDMG to your attention! He straight slayed it at Emissions this year so we thought why not give you guys a little freebie to go along with the streams of the contest winners!!

Bonus Mix:

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  1. Is it still possible to get the stems somewhere?

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