If you’re a fan of producers that don’t like to be kept inside a box than KING is your man. With styles spanning into the realms of hip hop, house, garage, dubstep, funk, and soul you would be hard pressed to not find something you like tucked away in KING’s library. Just recently he debuted his latest LP ‘Koncepts’ to high acclaim and in return he has been gracious enough to let us premiere his latest release a week before he himself gives it away next Tuesday the 25th. If KING is a new name to come up on your radar then this is the perfect time for you to get to know him and his music a little bit! Wrapped up with this exclusive premiere is a brief little Q & A we got together along with a few of his other tunes so you can get a good taste of what he’s about.

TD: So you’re no newcomer to the game but would you mind introducing yourself to familiarize the new readers out there?
KING:  My real name is Jerad, I produce, DJ, and curate a full spectrum of bass music, co-run a successful label, and dabble in visual art, projection mapping, installations, stuff like that.

TD: How did you wind up getting involved in the music scene initially? Have you always been based out of Las Vegas?

KING: I’ve shared most of my adult life between, LA, San Diego, and now Sin City.  I’ve always been attracted to music, but what really got me into the scene was when I started going to raves in about ’95 and got really heavy into Jungle and D&B.

TD:  You’re kind of known for dabbling in all genres now that you have started producing; do you have one particular type you feel that you have a real ear for?
KING: I’m not sure.  I try and go into every track by doing something new.  Learning new techniques, playing with different tempos, all that.  I definitely do not have a “template” when I start a song.  I think it takes me a lot longer to finish stuff, but I wouldn’t be happy putting out tunes that all kinda sound similar.  I’m kind of lucky Seclusiasis has taken me under their wing.  Everything I do has a hood/street feel to it.  And that’s their mantra.  STREET BASS!  So, it’s working for me.

TD: What things around you in your day to day life influence you to produce the music you do to this day? 

KING: I help run the label 119 Sound.  I do a lot of A&R for the label and there are so many talented producers coming up right now.  I get a lot of inspiration from them.  They really keep me on my toes, and challenge me to think out of the box.  I also don’t have a radio in my car (by choice), and rarely listen to music at work.  So, I think that also helps me not hear what’s going on everywhere else.  A kind of inverse inspiration, if that makes any sense.

TD: You run a monthly event out in Vegas called SAMSH!; how long have you been throwing this and what made you start it in the first place?
KING: A good friend of mine, Rob, and myself started SMASH! in 2008 to help bring the deep sound of dubstep to Las Vegas.  We were really into it at the time, and felt it was our duty to help educate people about the music properly on a huge soundsystem.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
KING: I’m pretty minimalist now.  I have a pair of the Mackie HR824s, and an iMac.  I work mainly in Logic and a little in Abelton on a Novation Remote SL.  I have a good audio card.  That’s about it.  My most prized studio possession is a proper gel-bottom-mesh-back studio chair.  hahah!  I used to collect hardware and use EMU samplers and all that, but I found out it really bogs down my creative process.

TD: With the summer just getting under way what are your plans for the next few months?
KING: I’m working on my studio tan.  Being this pasty takes work.  I’ll also be playing a lot of shows.  Doing a bunch of shows in central and northern California in August.  Really excited for the burn again this year too.

TD: You are letting us premiere your latest track do you have anything to note on this release?
KING: I was just starting this tune when I turned in everything for my latest album, ‘KONCEPTS’ on Starkey & Dev’s Seclusiasis imprint.  I didn’t get a chance to finish it in time.  So, I wanted to give it out in celebration and thanks for all the support ‘KONCEPTS’ has had.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there? 
KING: Thanks for everyone’s support!  Doing music is a dream come true for me and having some people dig it is really cool and makes it all worth it!

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play
Disclosure at the Marquee Pool

Last time eating something weird

There is a amazingly-good Japanese robata grill here called Raku.  I tried raw beef liver sashimi, and pickled bonito tuna guts with uni.  It was pretty hard core.

Last CD/vinyl you bought
Sadly, I haven’t bought either in a while.  I did just buy Disclosure’s ‘Settle’ on iTunes.

Last time out of the country

In March I went on a small tour of England with my 119 Sound family.  Played a few shows and dropped by rinse.fm to drop a set on N-Types show.  One of the best trips ever!

Last time you were forced into something
I was forced to watch The Hangover 3

Last movie you saw
Hangover 3.  It was horrible, save your money.  :)

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