One of our favorite up and coming artists of 2013 is back yet again with a new original.  We’re of course talking about the indie-dance trio Little Daylight.  The young trio has seen massive success from their past remixes and more recent originals.  You might remember their most recent remix of “Sweater Weather” (read more and download).  Also, their last original, “Name In Lights” (read more and download).  On Little Daylight’s newest, “Glitter and Gold” is more of the same infectious melodies and lyrics.  Simply electronic production and exciting drum work sets the stage for the trio’s lead woman.  Soaring vocals and catchy hooks characterize the glimmering track and serves as a perfect anthem for those cities nights this summer!  “Glitter And Gold” is being released July 9th and their debut EP, Tunnel Vision, will be released in early August.  Until then, hold yourself over by visiting Little Daylight’s Soundcloud page.


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