You may not have heard of Bass Physics yet, but it won’t be long before the Colorado duo is talked about next to names like GRiZ and Gramatik. Fresh off their performance at this year’s Sonic Bloom Festival in Georgetown, CO, AP Adair & Luke Sims have released a new track for free download, taking everything I loved about their single “Old School Melody,” and expanding it even further. The track starts with a hip-hop vibe that’s perfect for a sunny Colorado day, filled with Pretty Lights-influenced vocal samples and live guitar riffs before kicking up the intensity around the 2:55 mark. After an awesomely isolated “drop those hot beats” sample, “Summer Solstice” turns into a dance-heavy track that still maintains the chilled-out vibes created throughout the song. Look out for them to bring their live performance to Red Rocks this summer to play the first day of Global Dance Festival 2013, alongside Beats Antique, EOTO, Emanicpator, and many more.

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