Sam Tiba is a French born producer and DJ.  He not only produces on his own but is also one-fourth of the French group Club Cheval (Another producer from Club Cheval, Canblaster, also appears on the EP).  Sam Tiba’s EP, Saddest Show In Town, boasts a diverse and exciting four tracks to indulge in.  The French producer is known for his experimental electronic material and this effort is only different in its ability to create an emotional and different sound.  Ranging from R&B beats with pitched down vocals to piano driven melodies and tracks laden with bass.  This EP covers all bases if you’re looking for something fresh.  After all, we all known the French do it best when it comes to electronic production.


1. The Saddest Show In Town
2. U Looking For A Title and All U Think About Is That Other Person So U Name It Me & Her
3. Eldorado
4.  Thing Life (feat. Canblaster)

Listen to an EP teaser below.  Purchase the EP on Itunes now.


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