For those that aren’t familiar, Riton is a British electronic artist that has been producing since the early 2000’s and has seen success under a few different monikers.  Riton serves as his main project but he’s also released music under the names Gucci Sound System, Eiene Kleine Nacht Musik and Carte Blanche among others.  Most recognized was Riton’s collaborative project, Carte Blanche with DJ Mehdi.  DJ Mehdi’s untimely passing cut the project short, but together they made some incredible music including this tune.

More recently Riton has continued on his expedition through multiple genres and styles while staying true to house music roots. In the last couple weeks Riton has released three new tunes for free (including the one below).  First, there was “Inside My Head“, then a tune appropriately titled, “TrapHouse“.  Yesterday, Riton drops his third free track to get people excited for his upcoming release.  Riton will be releasing a mixtape of sorts on July 8th.  12 tracks built around Riton’s favorite pieces of music.

Read more about Riton’s upcoming release:

Henry ‘Riton’ Smithson returns to the Fray this June (2013) with a unique album, or mix tape if you would, called Riton Time ‘Can’t Stop The Clock.’

Available exclusively at @ritontime from July 8th this album comprises of 12 tracks made up of original music built around some of Riton’s favourite pieces of music. “Anyone who’s been listening to a lot of these Hip-Hop/Urban mix-tapes over the past few years will have noticed that, more often than not, they are better than the actual artist LPs. When you start a project that you know you can’t sell you are empowered by musical freedom. It becomes a non-commercial work of love, because you have nobody to satisfy other than yourself. I essentially wanted to make a bunch of songs I would play out in the clubs and got to pick the vocals I loved or just thought I could have some fun with.”

Traditionally known for his Kosmiche tinged Electro-Techno sound, championed at his Space Ibiza residency and as part of the extended Ed Banger crew and tour DJ for Radio Soulwax, it might come as a surprise to hear Riton speak of Hip-Hop and Urban. But actually this aesthetic has long been a weapon of choice for Riton “I think it’s because I always loved the sampling aesthetic. It still interests me the fact you an make a song without playing one note. I  don’t think anybody had ever come up with a more radical and punk way to make a song to date. I started buying Dance Records around the time when guys like MAARS would make a track from 100 bits of other records. In this sense ‘Can’t Stop The Clock’ was a kind of a reverse Mix-tape cos normally you might find rappers using other people’s beats and samples to showcase there vocals, whereas I had the vocals I wanted and built new instrumentals around them.
So I think that adds a new twist!”

To mark the release Riton will take ‘Can’t Stop The Clock’ on the road with a very special and exclusive live show, limited to only 6 dates. Anybody who saw Riton play live as part of Carte Blanche with DJ Mehdi or with Mark Ronson in BCK2BCK will know what to expect. I’m working a set out at the moment that will be a live version of the mix-tape with a sequencer a 909 and an analogue synthesiser all running through a DJ mixer so I can tweak and remix all the tracks live. It’s a little bit of everything, just like one of DJ sets. So far the reaction in the club has been solid. Especially in the US – I think they know the original RnB tracks better and have a bit of a sing along. As true as that might be you can only catch the live show on the European dates below, but the mix tape’s for the world. One Love, One World Y’all!

‘Can’t Stop The Clock’ Live dates
05th July – London Fabric
18th July – Belgium Dour Fest
26th July – IBIZA SPACe
23rd Aug – Holland Mystery Land
31st Aug – Zürich Openair
final date TBC

‘Can’t Stop The Clock’ Track Listing & Samples

Sida A
1. Riton feat. Jeremih – Trap House (‘Fuck you all the time’)
2. Riton feat musical youth – This Generation (‘Pass The Dutchie’)
3. Riton feat. Rita Orr & Le Dust Sucker – Suckers – (‘How We Do’ & ‘Mandate My Ass’)
4. Riton feat. M.I.A. – Henry’s People (‘People’ from her new Album)
5. Riton feat. Aaliyah – That Somebody (‘Are You That Somebody’)
6. Riton feat. Cassie – Must be love (‘Must Be Love’)

Side B
1. Riton feat. Kid Ink – Drippin Gold (‘Drippin’)
2. Riton feat. Waka Floka ‘Brain’ (‘Freaky Gurl’)
3. Riton feat. Audion – Mega Kisses (‘Kisses’)
4. Riton feat. Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal (‘Gas Pedal’)
5. Riton feat. Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (‘Hide & Seek’)



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