Visionquest is the brainchild of Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss, and Seth Troxler; four of the most forward-thinking producers in deep house today. All of them having extremely successful solo careers in their own right, the four came together with the idea to collaborate in an upstate Michigan cabin one weekend. Growing up in one of the pioneering cities of house music, Detroit, it would only seem natural that a group of musically-talented and like-minded friends would emerge with a new sound that touches on almost every electronic genre to-date. It’s truly hard to label their music, as their tracks always take the listener on a musical journey, pushing the boundaries of sound. The quartets critically-acclaimed label, Visionquest Records, is one of the most heavily charted and respected imprints in the game. With signees including the likes of Footprintz, Benoit & Sergio, and Guy Gerber just to name a few, Visionquest Records is rapidly gaining notoriety as one of the most consistent and impressive new labels.

Throughout the rest of 2013, Visionquest will be touring together with label-members (i.e. Dinky, Laura Jones, and Tale Of Us among others) on their Visionquest Thirteen tour. The tour sees the Visionquest collective taking the world’s most famous club spaces and turning them into a vision quest of their own, adding art, sound, and their unique personal flare to each. This thirteen-stop tour has already been presented at some of the most internationally-renowned venues such as Fabric (London, UK: video below), Time Warp (Mannheim, Germany: also seen below), and Warehouse Project (Manchester, UK), showcasing an ethereal musical adventure that incorporates more production than other club events throughout. Needless to say, the Visionquest Thirteen parties give the listener a much different experience than that of just another club show, and are simply a must-see if they come to your area (tour dates below).

With the Visionquest Thirteen experience being one of my most anticipated acts at this years Wavefront Music Festival (July 5th-7th on Montrose Beach, Chicago. All four members will be performing on Saturday), I was delighted that they took some time out of their busy schedules to sit down and give us a little look inside their record boxes, who they’re listening to, and what they can’t leave home without.

TD: Darkest track in your library?

Ryan Crosson: Not sure I don’t have too much dark stuff.  Heavier techno is another matter
Shaun Reeves: Off of the top of my head, I would say “Horrorist (One Night In NYC Ricardo Villalobos Remix).”
Lee Curtiss: Define ‘Dark’? Any good piece of music or art has a bit of both.

TD: Favorite Visionquest original or remix (from any four of you)?

RC: For Visionquest, it would be the remix we did of “Acid in My Fridge” by Dinky.
SR: “Acid In my fridge [Visionquest Remix] is also my favorite.
LC: Our remix of Tracy Thorn’s “Swimming.”

TD: Track that we wish we’d signed to Visionquest Records?

RC: I don’t have one; you can’t sign every track and keep a focus on where you want the label to go. The closest call for me would have been the My Favorite Robot demo, but in the end we made the right choice with “Forest Fires.”  As of now, I don’t have any regrets.
SR: I feel the same as Ryan about this, everything is 20/20 in hindsight. If we missed something, then we can only learn from that so that the next time something comes across it can be jumped on.
LC: I agree with the boys, you can’t look back and wish you would have signed something. I think “Billy Jean” would have been great to sign, but we didn’t have our label yet.

TD: What track did you wish you  never played?

RC: Ehhhh, there’s probably a few.
SR: No comment.
LC: They’re right there in the file next to file of the tracks we wished we signed marked, “you’ll never know.” ; )

TD: Favorite track to start off the night with?

RC: Moritz Von Oswald Trio, or ambient tracks
SR: Anything from Rhythm & Sound.
LC: Completely depends on the venue, time, and weather.

TD: Artist who deserves more recognition?

RC: I’ll choose a label and say New Kanada
SR: I’m going to say Franco Cinelli. He’s an incredible DJ, and also knows his way around the studio.
LC: Clarion North. An amazing musician/producer, and the brains behind half of Footprintz. I think he’ll be making huge waves this year.

TD: Favorite label other than Visionquest?

RC: Hmm, tough to say. Speaking in terms of dance music, I have more Perlon records than any other label so…
SR: Far more Perlon Records…that’s the one. Distant second would be old Playhouse.
LC: DFA for new stuff, Perlon for old stuff.

TD: Favorite track from the 80’s?

RC: Too many once again. “Graceland” by Paul Simon was a favorite album growing up though.
SR: So many to choose from, so I’ll narrow it down to favorite house track from the 80’s…”Distant Planet” by Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers).
LC: INXS’s “Need You Tonight.”

TD: Go-to track to revive the dance floor?

RC: Lately, most things by Ross Evans (Evana) work quite well; always a fun groove.
SR: Henrik Schwartz’s remix of Wareika’s “Madame Scorpio,” which is forthcoming on Visionquest Records.

TD: Favorite release of 2012?

RC: For electronic albums:  Actress’ “RIP,” Merveille & Crosson’s “DRM,” and Donato Dozzy and Neel’s “Voices From the Lake.”
SR: Ricardo Villalobos’ “Dependent and Happy.”
LC: Matthew Dear’s “Beams” album

TD: Three things we couldn’t go on tour without?

RC: Ibuprofen, laptop, comfy pants.
SR: Extra socks, travel pillow, and a good book.
LC: Nail clippers, my sense of adventure, and a zest for living.

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Visionquest Thirteen Dates:

March 30: Fabric, London, UK
April 6: Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany
April 27: Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK
June 27: Glastonbury festival, Somerset, UK
July 6: Wavefront Festival, Chicago, USA
August 1: Ibiza Showcase, Ibiza, Spain

August 24: Mysterylands Festival, Haarlem, Netherlands
October 13: WeLove Visionquest, Paris, France
October 31: Movement Festival, Turin, Italy
November 9: Creamfields, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 23: Brooklyn, New York, USA
December 6: Art Basel, Miami, USA
December 20: Mysterylands Festival, Chile


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