Random Access Memories is now out and people have listened to it on repeat or bashed it for it’ shortcomings. Whether you enjoyed the album or not, the robots are back to give you another taste of their flavor.  Before the album was even released, Daft Punk hinted at the chance that they’d remix their own tunes.  Turns out they weren’t kidding, as of today you can stream a 10 minute remix of “Get Lucky” on Spotify.  The remix nearly doubles the original’s runtime and functions more like an edit rather than a remix.  Daft Punk pulls full parts from the original and reorganizes them while also layering a lot of Pharrell’s vocals.  While the remix is ten minutes long there really aren’t any dull parts if you enjoyed the original.  The remix will be available on vinyl on July 16th, pre-order here.  Also, check out the promo video for the remix below featuring the robots polished to a fine shine.


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