Deep Cut Thursday

Do you like  booty-tech, deep house, or G-house? That nu-disco, jackin’ house, or tech house? If you said yes to any of these, then Deep Cut Thursday is the post for you. Each week we will highlight our select favorite tracks spanning across all of electronic music’s darker cousins, showcasing free mixes, free tracks, new releases, and some deep after-hour cuts “from the vaults”.

To start things off this week, we have a featured EP from a brand new label out of Denver, Night Supply Records. Comprised of many of the Denver artists that have helped foster and grow the mile high city’s underground house scene, Night Supply‘s debut album gives a little look at what to expect from them in the coming years. Highlighted by funky synths and monstrous basslines, this three-track EP is filled with deep house grooves that are all sure-fire dancefloor burners. The best part is, Night x Night Vol. 1 is free just for liking Night Supply‘s Facebook page! Beyond the phenomenal featured EP, we also have a massive list of free downloads for you this week that include a free EP from Suck Fake & Daniel Brooks, and free tracks from the likes of Marco Darko, Sean Roman, and Effy just to name a few. We also have new releases from KANT, Panos & Sentenza, and Ly Cheng among others. Finally, we close things out with deep cuts from George FitzgeraldAnturage Amnesia HazeWalker & Royce, and German Brigante!

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Featured Free EP:

:: Night Supply Records ::

Download: Night x Night Volume 1 – VA – Night Supply RecordsNight Supply Records on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

What’s Free:

:: Suck Fake & Daniel Brooks ::

Download: Suck Fake & Daniel Brooks – BootlegsSuck Fake on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Daniel Brooks on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Marco Darko ::

Download: Shadows Of Summer – Marco Darko
Marco Darko on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Sean Roman ::

Download: Feelings (Sean Roman Remix) – White Lions ft. Sylvermayne
Sean Roman on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: SJ ::

Download: There You Go – SJ
SJ on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Chris Gresswell ::

Download: The Game – Chris Gresswell
Chris Gresswell on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Vee ‘O’ ::

Download: One More Night (Vee ‘O’ Bassline Remix) – Maroon 5
Vee ‘O’ on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Effy ::

Download: We Just Wanted It To Be (Effy’s Basement Remix) – Decka SoundEffy on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Haze-M ::

Download: 3 Days – Haze-M

Haze-M on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Saccao ::

Download: Madness (Saccao Remix) – TasticFunk
Saccao on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Inland Knights ::

Download: Mike’s Garage Mix – Inland Knights

Inland Knights on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: AudioDamage ::

Download: Blue Angels – AudioDamage
AudioDamage on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: SIS ::

Download: Get Lucky (SIS Edit) – Daft Punk

SIS on FacebookSoundCloud

:: Munnibrotherz ::

Download: The Resolution – Munnibrotherz
Munnibrotherz on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Hourglass Sea ::

Download: Another World – Hourglass Sea

Hourglass Sea on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

What’s New:

:: KANT ::

Purchase: Love Like This Remixes EP – KANTKANT on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Panos & Sentenza ::

Purchase: French 75 EP – Panos & Sentenza
Panos on Facebook | SoundCloud
Sentenza on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Lancelot ::

Purchase: Thinking Of You EP – LancelotLancelot on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Ly Cheng ::

Purchase: Dirty Games EP – Ly Cheng

Ly Cheng on SoundCloud

:: Robosonic & Adana Twins ::

Purchase: La Fique EP – Robosonic & Adana Twins
Robosonic on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Adana Twins on Facebook | SoundCloud

Deep Cuts:

:: George Fitzgerald ::

Purchase: Beam Me Up (George Fitzgerald Remix) – Close ft. ScubaGeorge Fitzgerald on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Anturage & Amnesia Haze ::

Purchase: Together (Anturage & Amnesia Haze Remix) – BialtoneAnturage on Facebook | SoundCloud
Amnesia Haze on SoundCloud

:: Walker & Royce ::

Purchase: Drive – Walker & RoyceWalker & Royce on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: German Brigante ::

Purchase: Noise & Girls (German Brigante Remix) – Smash TV

German Brigante on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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