Three New York producers came together with only a Brian Eno deck to create inspiration from and this was the result.  A free three track EP created with analogue synths from Moog.  Self-Titled Magazine formed the EP as a result of their Summer time Underground Electronic Music issue.  Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar gave the online magazine three tracks that are very different and speak for themselves.  So do me a favor; stop reading and press play.

Read what Self-Titled Mag had to say:

When we decided to devote our summer issue to underground electronic music, one creative partner came to mind: Moog Music, the all-analog-everything architects that still make their iconic synths by hand in Asheville, North Carolina. Rather than simply coordinate a sponsorship deal between the company and a few of our favorite New York producers—Laurel HaloGavin Russom and Brenmar—we gave each of them a card from Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” deck as a source of inspiration for an exclusive song.

What we got back far exceeded our expectations and reflected the range of electronic music in our issue perfectly, from Brenmar’s hip-hop ballistics and Russom’s 11-minute “holistic workout” to Halo’s nocturnal emissions…


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