Whenever a top-of-the-chart artist releases new material, especially an album, you know reworks/remixes/bootlegs are set to be released not far behind it. Usually finding a decent one is a diamond in the rough. This is especially prevalent when it comes to the new Kanye West Album, Yeezus. After the first week of the album dropping, there was a point where all the altered versions started sounding the same. That is, until you hear Lakim’s rework of Kanye’s track, “New Slaves”. As much as I respect Yeezus for the raw sound it exhibits, I am definitely not mad when there’s a simple rework done that accentuates its deep beats. One of the best aspects of this album is the production. Obviously Kanye throws down, but the beats backing him up are essential to what makes this album so great. There are so many different ways to alter his tracks that no remix sounds the same. If you felt the original, “New Slaves”, you’ll definitely appreciate Lakim’s meek rework.


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