An artists library of production is a lot like an iceberg.  The part sticking out of the water is what’s is released to the public, but the remaining, larger chunk, is unreleased, unfinished and half-hearted tracks.  It’s rare that an artist will release these previously locked away tunes, but when they do you’re usually able to find a couple diamonds in the rough.  Teen Daze hopped on Facebook/SoundCloud today and released thirty tracks.  Not one, not three, not even ten, but thirty!  So if you’re a fan of chillwave, ambient, chill electronic music take a couple hours out of your day to download these zip files below and listen.  Teen Daze offers three tracks below to give you an idea of the material he’s releasing.

A quote from Teen Daze’s SoundCloud:

“I’ve decided to put up all of my unreleased work from the last few years as a free download. Of course there are still hundreds of half-started ideas, and some tracks that were finished, but really just not good at all, so it’s been edited a bit. Regardless, here’s 30 songs (organized into three discs) that have been taking space on my hard drive. Enjoy!”


Lost Songs 1 ZIP


Teen Daze on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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