Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights released “The Hot Shit” today, an hour-long mix that does not disappoint. The ultra-versatile Colorado based Derek Vincent Smith provides a blend with all the classic Pretty Lights beats, bumps and daps to satisfy his fans, no matter what mental state they’re in. The opener is the first single to his album coming in hot this July 2 titled “A Color Map of the Sun”. The single “Around the Block” features Talib Kweli, BKMC. This chill song blends hip-hop into Pretty Lights bouncing noise. Listen around 9 minutes into the mix when a piano riff and an angelic female vocalist take over the show. Her dreamy voice contrasts with the backdrop of eerie dubstep. I found the contrast refreshing and complimentary to one another. Her voice brought out the unique beats Pretty Lights created while the dubstep makes her voice sound delicate and light. This part is grooving and seductive; I can only imagine the crowd’s reaction when he performs this part live. My one complaint with “Hot Shit” is around 18:45 when the mix completely stops and jumps to the next track. Maybe it’s an artistic risk or maybe he just got a little lazy, either way the rest of the hour makes up for that minor glitch. “Hot Shit” gets hilariously brilliant around 40 minutes when the track gets faster and a deep robotic male vocalist repeats “you’ve been droppin dat acid”. The beats around the lyrics drop and come back up for a fun, lighthearted, retro section. With the release his summer album less than a week away, Pretty Lights is heating up our summer and rewarding the season with exactly what we crave.


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3 Comments on "The Hot Shit – Pretty Lights"

  1. that track around 37 is run dmt. blue boy.

  2. Yeah it is! Thanks for listening

  3. What’s the song that starts at 22:23? Sho is funky….