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Craig Richards is a bonafide legend within the deep house circuit. Richards has held a residency for more than a decade at London’s world-renowned club, Fabric, where he is recognized as one of the key players in putting the club on the map. Not only is he an incredible producer and DJ, but he also runs his own label, The Nothing Special. Known more for his incredible opening capabilities (a “lost art” of DJing in many ways), Richards’ sets are never the same. His record collection is eclectic and massive, as he works his way through ambient, techno, funk, and deep house throughout the course of a night. His set at this years Hot Creations Paradise in Miami was one for the ages, standing out among some of the worlds best DJs. The one track that really stuck with me from his performance in March was the title track for his new EP, “Sleeping Rough.” Though, once I heard the release, I realized that the Sleeping Rough EP would easily appeal to the deep house and dubstep lover alike.

The title track, “Sleeping Rough,” starts out with fluttering vocals and percussive work that pan masterfully from one side to the other. Complimenting this oddly energetic sound, a bouncing bassline slowly works its way into the track before exploding into an absolute house bomb. This track will be sure to get massive playing time in the coming months, already receiving early support from the likes of Jamie Jones, Ryan Crosson, and Sub-ann among others. What comes up next in this EP was somewhat of a surprise to me. Speeding up the tempo to 140 BPMs, Richards laces “Surgical Gloves” full of dub delays and an ethereal atmosphere, reminiscent of early UK dubstep. Similarly, the final song of this three-track EP, “Verbal Abuse,” follows suit with an eerie, creeping sound throughout. Considering Craig Richards doesn’t release original material often, this is a must-buy record.

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